Monthly Set "Clean your Body"
Monthly Set "Clean your Body"
70048 Monthly Set "Clean your Body"
Combination set
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Your first step to well-being
The four week TRISANA recipe for success to achieve an optimal acid-base balance An imbalanced acid-base balance means that your body is crying out for relief. In this case only a thorough cleaning from within can help. This thorough inner cleaning leaves the body feeling more energetic and gives you more vitality, joy in life and well-being. Through regular exercise, relaxation and a balanced diet you can help your body to achieve an optimal acid-base balance. It is, however, not so easy to achieve an acid-base equilibrium just through your diet. It´s hard to imagine a delicious Sunday breakfast without good coffee or fresh bread. Therefore: Support your body by adopting the TRISANA recipe for success and providing your body with the means to attain an optimal acid-base balance. Drink a delicious TRISANA BAS Plus every day and take one TRISANA Copar capsule three times a day.

1 X TRISANA® - BAS Plus (450 g in a can)
1 X TRISANA® - Copar capsules 90 capsules each containing 792 mg (71,3 g)