Monthly set Feel beautiful "Beauty from Within"
Monthly set Feel beautiful "Beauty from Within"
70043 Monthly set Feel beautiful "Beauty from Within"
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Natural beauty comes from within
Special nutrients are important for the protection and regeneration of the skin. However, it is not easy to supply the body with adequate quantities of all the necessary nutrients. Possible shortcomings can be compensated for by specific dietary supplements. Who does not wish for a radiant appearance? What can we do about it? Topical beauty care is not enough. This is because natural beauty comes from within. The reason for this is quite simple: the epicentre of our beauty lies in the deeper skin layers. Only when these layers are optimally supplied with nutrients, sufficient fluids and oxygen can true inner beauty develop.

1 X TRISANA Skin Formula 60 capsules each containing 285 mg (17,1 g)
2 X TRISANA Collagen Drink Blood Orange each containing 300 g