Power Protein pur
Power Protein pur
40124 Power Protein pur
Dietary supplement with high protein content and one sweetener
Net quantity: 750 g

High-quality protein-shake - with a protein content of 78 % and a chemical score of 162!
TRISANA Power Protein pur – a high-quality protein powder with high biological value, delicious, well balanced vanilla taste and pleasant sweetness.
The term „pur“ describes the intentional leave off nutrient additions. It is a ‘pure Power Protein‘, with all essential amino acids, of course.
TRISANA Power Protein pur has a protein content of 78 % and a chemical score of 126! It`s our product recommendation as complement to a meal or for in-between.

Nutritional labelling:
per daily doseNRV(%)*per 100 g
Calorific value (kJ/kcal)387/911547/365
Fat0,73 g2,9 g
   of which saturated fats0,30 g1,2 g
Carbohydrates1,35 g5,4 g
   of which sugar0,10 g0,4 g
Dietary fibre0 g0 g
Protein19,48 g77,9 g
Salt0,75 g3,0 g
*% of reference values (NRV), in accordance with (EU) Nr. 1169/2011

Soy protein isolate (87 %), Flavour: vanilla, milk protein isolate (5,0 %), thickening agent: guar gum, Sweetener: sucralose, table salt, abherents: silicon dioxide

Amino acid distribution per 100 g:
glutamic acid: 19,45 g, aspartic acid: 11,05 g, leucine: 7,87 g, arginine: 7,63 g,
lysine: 6,32 g, proline: 5,32 g, phenylalanine: 5,20 g, serine: 5,09 g, valine: 4,85 g,
isoleucine: 4,69 g, alanine: 4,20 g, glycine: 3,98 g, tyrosine: 3,78 g, threonine: 3,76 g,
histidine: 2,59 g, cystine: 1,67 g, methionine: 1,37 g, tryptophan: 1,17 g

Health Claims:
Proteins contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass.
Proteins contribute to an increase in muscle mass.
Proteins contribute to the maintenance of normal bones.

Information for diabetics:
Product suitable for diabetics. No further carbohydrate exchange units to be added to the recommended daily dose.

Allergy Information:
Product contains soy protein and milk protein.

Recommendations for use:
Daily dissolve quickly 2 level measuring spoons (25 g powder) in 250 ml low fat milk (1,5 %) with a whisk or prepare in a blender (shaker). The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Dietary supplements cannot substitute a healthy, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Storage information:
Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and always tightly closed. Keep out of the reach of children.

Fill level is dependant on technical factors!

Quality guarantee:

    Free of chemical additives
    Gluten free
    NON GMO – Non Genetically Modified Organisms