Antioxidans plus Enzyme
Antioxidans plus Enzyme
40054 Antioxidans plus Enzyme
Dietary supplement with secondary plant substances and enzymes
Contents: 60 capsules each containing 540 mg
Net contents: 32,4 g

Combination of vitamins, trace elements and secondary plant substances with antioxidant properties
The development of free radicals in the human body is caused by numerous environmental influences. Free radicals weaken the immune system and are also partly responsible for the development of metabolic disorders. A specific and targeted supply of antioxidant nutrients can help to "intercept" free radicals, reducing their damaging effects as well as supporting the body´s own defenses. Vitamins C and E, as well as the trace elements zinc and selenium, have antioxidative properties which can help to protect the body´s cells from oxidative stress.

Nutritional labelling:
per daily doseReference values(%)*per 100 g
Calorific value (kJ/kcal)4 / 1323 / 77
Fat<0,5 g<0,5 g
   of which saturated fats<0,1 g<0,1 g
Carbohydrates<0,5 g6,5 g
   of which sugar<0,5 g<0,5 g
Dietary fibre<0,5 g23 g
Protein<0,5 g<0,5 g
Salt<0,1 g<0,1 g
Cat's claw root extract400 mg
37,04 g
Vitamin C160 mg200 %14,82 g
Grape Seeds extract75 mg6,95 g
   of which OPC37,5 mg
3,47 g
Bromelain Powder60 mg5,56 g
Papain Powder20 mg1,85 g
Vitamin E17,65 mg**100 %1,63 g**
Zinc16 mg160 %1,48 g
Selenium55 μg100 %5,09 mg
*% of reference values (NRV), in accordance with (EU) Nr. 1169/2011
** D-α TE

Cat's Claw Root Extract 10:1 (Uncaria tomentosa) (37 %), Coating agent (capsule): hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, calcium-L-ascorbate, filler: mycrocrystalline cellulose, grape seed extract 27:1 (Vitis vinifera L., 50% OPC) (6.9 %), bromelain (from pineapple) (5.8 %), DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, papain (Carica papaya) (1.8 %) , zinc oxide (80 % zinc), L-selenomethionine (0.5 % selenium)

Health Claims:
Vitamins C and E as well as selenium help to protect the cells against oxidative stress.
Vitamins C as well as trace elements zinc and selenium contribute to a normal funktioning of the immune system.

Information for diabetics:
Suitable for diabetics. No further carbohydrate exchange units to be added to the recommended daily dose.

Allergy information:
Contains no allergens which require labelling.

Recommendations for use:
Twice daily. Take one capsule with meals, unchewed with plenty of liquid. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Dietary supplements cannot substitute a healthy, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Storage information:
Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and always tightly closed. Keep out of the reach of children.

Quality guarantee:

    Free of chemical additives
    Lactose free
    Gluten free
    NON GMO – Non Genetically Modified Organisms